Simplicity meets Efficacy

The perfect combination of minimalism and effectiveness

Minimalism, sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly important not only in our everyday lives, but also in the beauty industry. Consumers no longer want over-the-top beauty routines, or heavy makeup looks. A natural, minimalist skincare routine that still delivers effective results is more in demand than ever.


Beauty Trend "Skinimalism

The "Skinimalism" trend reduces the number of skin care products used and places great emphasis on their composition. Consumers no longer want to overload their skin with countless products. With the motto "less is more," they strive for a reduced and well thought-out routine with maximum care for the skin.


It can be challenging for brands to meet consumer expectations for skin care and cosmetic products.


Our "Simplicity meets Efficacy" solution

Our latest formulations combine the principles of cosmeceuticals with the trends of Skinimalism and Clean Beauty. We rely on science and research and focus on the use of high-quality, biologically active ingredients that have been scientifically tested and can achieve maximum efficacy in skin care.


Radiance Infusion


Radiance Infusion: Beauty Made Effortless

A perfect example of this is Radiance Infusion - a multi-functional serum formulated by us that contains only a few, but high-quality ingredients that are extremely environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced. It provides the skin with plenty of moisture and antioxidants, and achieves long-term anti-aging effects. This simple yet effective formulation fits perfectly into a minimalist skincare routine and delivers noticeable results. The serum can be used as a base under night and day care, or selectively and specifically over the moisturizer to achieve a radiant complexion with additional "glow".


Beauty Trend "Glow

"Glow" is also an absolute beauty trend of 2023. A glowing complexion doesn't just mean shiny skin, it's a sign of healthy, supple skin that is hydrated and has a strong skin barrier.


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