"Beautiful Cosmetics are not only products, but experiences".

Our dynamic team combines years of experience with young, modern ideas. We combine a clear analytical-scientific background with a creative passion and let these merge into unique, innovative products.

We believe in small ideas with great potential.

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What motivates us

We have the privilege of working for the beauty and well-being of people. This fills us with pride, but also with a sense of responsibility that the quality and seriousness of our work must be paramount. As scientists, we follow clear professional ethics that only allow verifiable promises and replicable research. At the same time, our professional pride and passion guides us to always strive for the best in everything.

What we stand for

As a company, we are committed to doing our work in a way that conserves resources and is as climate-friendly as possible. Among other things, we actively seek environmentally friendly alternatives in recipe development and packaging.

Judite Weyermann

Founder Cosmetic Consulting JW & Partner GmbH

Over 25 years of experience in research, development, manufacturing and coaching with internationally active cosmetics manufacturers, further training in business administration and marketing.

Who we are


Tianyi Lin

BA Business and Economics

Innovation, Corporate Branding, Marketing


Natércia Marcelino

M.Sc. Biotechnology

Innovation, Formula development, scientific Research


Larissa Souza

M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Cosmetic Formulation Intern, R&D


Biotechnologist, Biochemist

Formula development, patent research, new technologies


Laboratory Technician

Support laboratory, formula development, scientific research

Are you looking for science-based skin and hair care and environmentally friendly cosmetic products? Then we are the perfect partner for you.